How We Reduced Vodien’s Advertising Cost By 92.7%

Vodien Internet Solutions Case Study
Image credit: Vodien

Vodien Internet Solutions is Asia’s leading web hosting service provider, based in Singapore. They provide free domain registration, dedicated web hosting and excellent support services to local and international clients.

Prior to signing up with Invision Net, they have in-house PPC marketers which used Google AdWords to boost online sales. Unfortunately, they are spending too much in expensive clicks but not getting as much conversions out of it.


Campaign Objectives

  • Achieve more online orders from the SG market through Google AdWords, at the lowest possible cost per conversion.



  • Made use of negative keywords to ensure relevant traffic.
  • Used day-parting strategy to maximize conversions.
  • Crafted ad copies with strategic angles to suit the ojective.
  • Excluded placements that do not generate conversions.
  • Extracted reports to get relevant data for keyword optimization.
  • Planned and created banner ads that tailor-fit the products being promoted.
  • Updated ad copies for promotions to ensure they are well-timed.
  • Utilized data from AdWords/Analytics to discover more opportunities for optimization and/or expansion.



  • Generated the same number of sales that the in-house campaign achieved in five years, in less than 3 months.
  • Decreased cost per conversion by 92.7%.
  • Because of the excellent results, Vodien is now expanding the campaigns to USA and PH.
  • Similar campaigns were also created on Bing Ads for the SG market.


“We knew we didn’t have the expertise internally to manage our Adwords campaign, but we thought we were doing an adequate job (after all, how bad could it get, right?). However, just in the first few weeks of our service with Invision Net, we were blown away by how much of a difference having a professional Adwords manager could make!
In the first week, they tripled our number of conversions, with the same marketing budget. Now months later, we’re doing almost 10x the number of conversions compared to our original internally-managed campaign, with the same budget!
We’re certainly planning to renew our contract with Invision Net when our current one ends, and we’re very excited about your plans to expand our campaign further!”

Bill Poh
Vodien Internet Solutions


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